Influence of the ambient temperature on water and diiodomethane contact angle with quartz surface

Konrad Terpiłowski


Wettability of solids is a key phenomenon in many processes. One should mentioned those which accompany us in our everyday life i.e. washing or cementing as well as those applied in industry e.g. flotation of minerals. Value of the contact angles are affected by many factors. One of them is temperature. In this paper monocrystaline quartz was used in the investigations which were carried out in the range 5−50°C with the step every 5°C. As follows the value of the contact angle of both water and diiodomethane changes with the increasing temperature. The change of its value for water is much larger than in case of another liquids of apolar character. Using Chibowski approach the apparent surface free energy was calculated in two ways with and without correction about temperature change of the surface tension. The calculation show difference between both results. Taking into consideration another value of the surface tension should not be neglected even if measurements is taken at a temperature close to 20°C which is the standard in one in such measurements.

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