MCM-41 silica as a host material for controlled drug delivery systems

Patrycja Krasucka, Jacek Goworek


The adsorption and release of Naproxen as a model drug was studied. The MCM-41 silica was chosen as a model adsorbent. The synthesis of mesoporous silica was performed by template method using cetyltrimethylammonium bromide CTAB as a pore directing agent. Synthesized MCM-41 material of high quality was used as a carrier for Naproxen. The loading procedure was performed at normal conditions and under vacuum. The release of drug was measured for differentially prepared samples. The results for MCM-41 are compared to those measured for silica gel for column chromatography Si-100 containing substantially larger pores. The results are discussed taking into account the penetration of pore system by loading solution as well as in terms of the proportion of dimensions of Naproxen molecule and pore dimensions of MCM-41.


MCM-41 silica; Naproxen; adsorption; drug loading; release systems

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