Adsorption Potential Theory for Description of n-Butane Adsorption on Activated Carbon

Mieczysław Bałys, Jakub Szczurowski, Leszek A. Czepirski, Marek Kochel


Potential theory of adsorption was used for description of adsorption isotherms of n-butane on microporous active carbon. It was shown that characteristic curve of adsorption can be treated as specific form of thermal equation of adsorption giving the possibility to calculate and predict both equilibrium and thermodynamic characteristics of adsorption in wide range of temperature and relative pressure. The results can be used for the design of adsorption systems and for predicting adsorption equilibrium behavior of binary and/or multicomponent gaseous mixtures on active carbon under wide range of conditions, without time consuming and expensive experimental determination.


adsorption; activated carbon; butane adsorption, adsorption potential therory; heat of adsorption

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