Study of the influence of the binary mixtures of fluorocarbon surfactants on the surface tension of water

Anna Taraba, Katarzyna Szymczyk


Influence of the binary mixtures of fluorocarbon surfactants Zonyl FSO-100  (FSO100) and Zonyl FSN-100 (FSN100) on the surface tension of the water was studied. The effectiveness of adsorption process of the surfactant at the water-air interface was calculated from the obtained values of the surface tension of studied mixtures. Also the maximum surface area per molecule of surfactant in the interfacial area  and the free energy at the water-air interface  were determined. Moreover, the existence of synergetizm or antagonism effect, which reduces the surface tension of the water was examined. On the basis of the Rosen's model parameter the values of intermolecular interactions in the mixed monolayer adsorption were calculated.


fluorocarbon surfactants, surface tension, binary mixtures of surfactants

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