The application of lignin as renewable raw material in chemical industry

Marta Goliszek, Beata Podkościelna


The overutilization of fossil fuels will inevitably cause the global environmental problems and dwindling of available resources. For that reason, identifying renewable sustainable alternatives has attracted an increasing attention. Lignocellulosic biomass has been considered to be one of the most logical feedstock to replace traditional fossil resources as one of the most accessible renewable forms of carbon. One of the primary components of lignocellulosic biomass, next to hemicellulose and cellulose is lignin. It is a by-product in paper and pulp industry. Lignin is mainly used as fuel directly, without further utilization which is suggested to be a waste of natural resources. With this purpose, the valorization of lignin into value-added products needs particular attention of researchers. This review article focuses on chosen possible applications of lignin in chemical industry.


lignin; carbon fibre; phenols; vanillin; polymers

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