Lignosulfonate as a byproduct of wood pulp production: A potential precursor for the preparation of functional hybrid materials

Łukasz Klapiszewski, Tadeusz J. Szalaty, Tomasz Szatkowski, Teofil Jesionowski


Functional hybrid materials based on magnesium lignosulfonate and silica were obtained and characterized. Magnesium lignosulfonate is a common waste product of the wood pulp industry, while silica is a well-known inorganic material with exceptional physicochemical properties. In this study, silicas with a spherical particle shape were synthesized using a sol-gel method and alternatively in a nonpolar medium. Silica was found to improve the thermal and electrokinetic properties of the final products. The resulting lignosulfonate/silica hybrid materials were analyzed with the use of advanced techniques and measuring methods: scanning electron microscopy, a laser diffraction method enabling particle size measurements, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, elemental analysis, thermogravimetry, electrophoretic light scattering, zeta potential measurements, low-temperature nitrogen sorption, and colorimetric analysis. The results enabled the hybrid materials to be characterized from the point of view of potential applications in various branches of industry (for example as polymer fillers, electroactive blends and biosorbents). We additionally indicate new methods for the utilization of waste products, a category to which lignosulfonate certainly belongs.


lignosulfonate/silica hybrid materials, magnesium lignosulfonate, amorphous silica, development of natural products, physicochemical and structural properties.

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