Generation of virtual anatomical models from the multimodal medical image data

Michał Chlebiej, Zdzisław Król, Paweł Mikołajczak


In this work we present and discuss some methodological issues associated with the generation of the computer based anatomical models. The importance of the virtual patient models is becoming increasingly recognized in modern medicine. The advantages of using such biomedical virtual models are analogous to those of real system behavior simulation in the engineering or material sciences. Particularly significant is its role in the simulation of various pathogenic physiological processes and therapeutical procedures. Such models enable as well the optimization of many diagnostic and therapeutical subroutines. Segmentation, registration, measurement, interaction and visualization modules constitute actually the main pool of the software engineering tools, which enables the surgeon to create a virtual patient-specific anatomical model of the region of interest. Based on this model the physician can simulate and plan different treatment approaches as well as carry out quantitative measurements to identify the optimal therapeutical procedure.

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