An energy efficient routing algorithm based on genetic algorithm for ad hoc networks

Marek Pilski, Franciszek Seredyński


Highly dynamic topology is an essential feature of mobile ad hoc networks. For this reason, maintaining a consistent state for routing purposes can be a very difficult task. The primary goal is correct and efficient route establishment between a pair of nodes. Although a more challenging goal is to provide energy efficient routing protocols. This paper presents a concept of an energy efficient routing algorithm based on applying genetic algorithm (GA). The aim of the algorithm is a prolongation of life time of the network. The life time of the network depends on nodes life, which is a function of battery energy nodes. A routing metric is a time measure from a moment when the network starts up, to the moment when the first battery in any nodes runs down. The purpose of the proposed algorithm is to maximize the life time of the network. To choose a path we propose to use one of a few different heuristics. In this paper we describe the GA-based approach to find a heuristic combination for solving power-aware routing problem. A problem solution is such a heuristic combination, which depends on an actual state of the network (energy of nodes) and will choose optimal paths.

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