Development of heart motion reconstruction framework based on the 4D echocardiographic data

Michał Chlebiej, Krzysztof Nowiński, Piotr Ścisło, Piotr Bała


Abnormalities in heart motion can eventually lead to life threatening cardiac injuries therefore measurements of dynamic heart functions are of great clinical importance. The images of moving spatial heart structures can be efficiently acquired using 4D echocardiography. Unfortunately, because of the low quality such images do not allow for precise measurements. To overcome this problem images need to be further processed and moving structures have to be extracted. In this work we present a method for estimating heart motion from the 3D echocardiographic image sequence. On the basis of this method we have developed an application that enables qualitative and quantitative (i.e. volume changes, stroke volume, ejection fraction and cardiac output parameters) description of the heart wall motion. We provide a set of tools for denoising images using the anisotropic diffusion algorithm extended to the fourth dimension and the time averaging method based on non-linear registration efficiently parameterized using the B-spline based Free Form Deformation. We have also developed a non-linear deformable segmentation algorithm for extraction of the inner ventricular surface. The motion of the left ventricle is reconstructed in our approach by recovering deformations of the matter during the cardiac cycle. All the obtained results using our framework can be efficiently presented in 3D using a set of newly developed heart motion visualization tools.

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