Contests Hosting Service as a tool to teach programming

Rafał Kluszczyński, Łukasz Mikulski, Marek Nowicki, Piotr Bała


Computer science would not exist without the concept of algorithm. Therefore design of algorithms plays an important role in education while implementation is usually considered to be straightforward. Increasing variety of programming languages, wealth of possible constructions, programming environments and tools makes programming difficult for the beginners.Apart from the idea of problem solution, it is important to teach programming skills. Size of classes of 10-20 pupils and a limited number of lessons and their short time are the major problem. The teacher has to check solution of every pupil, compile it and run tests. This is definitely a time-consuming process which makes teaching difficult. In this paper the authors present the use of problem solutions validation systems during classes. With the help of such a system called Zawody WEB, the authors teach algorithms and programming for the secondary school students.

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