On the key exchange with new cubical maps based on graphs

Urszula Romańczuk, Vasyl Ustimenko


Families of edge transitive algebraic graphs Fn(K), over the commutative ring K were used for the graph based cryptographic algorithms. We introduce a key exchange protocol defined in terms of bipartite graph An(K), n ≥ 2 with point set Pn and line set Ln isomorphic to n-dimensional free module Kn. Graphs A(n, K) are not vertex and edge transitive. There is a well defined projective limit lim A(n, K) = A(K), n → ∞ which is an infinite bipatrtite graph with point set P = lim Pn and line set L = limLn. Let K be a commutative ring contain at least 3 regular elements (not zero divisors). For each pair of (n, d), n ≥ 2, n ≥ 1 and sequence of elements α1, α2, …, α2d, such that α1, αi+αi+1, i = 1, 2, …, 2d, i = 1, 2, … 2d-1 and α2d+α1 are regular elements of the ring K. We define polynomial automorphism hn = hn (d, α1, α2, …, α2d) of variety Ln (or Pn). The existence of projective limit lim An(K) guarantees the existence of projective limit h = h(d, α1, α2, …, α2d) = lim hn, n → ∞ which is cubical automorphism of infinite dimensional varieties L (or P). We state that the order of h is an infinity. There is a constant n0 such that hn, n ≥ n0 is a cubical map. Obviously the order of hn is growing with the growth of n and the degree of polynomial map (hn)k from the Cremona group of all polynomial automorphisms of free module Kn with operation of composition is bounded by 3. Let τ be affine automorphism of Kn i.e. the element of Cremona group of degree 1. We suggest symbolic Diffie Hellman key exchange with the use of cyclic subgroup of Cremona group generated by τ-1hnτ. In the case of K = Fp, p is prime, the order of hn is the power of p. So the order is growing with the growth of p. We use computer simulation to evaluate the orders in some cases of K = Zm, where m is a composite integer.Show References

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2478/v10065-011-0038-z
Data publikacji: 2011-01-01 00:00:00
Data złożenia artykułu: 2016-04-28 09:04:53


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