Energy-aware Key Management in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

Xiaobing He, Paweł Szalachowski, Zbigniew Kotulski, Nikos Fotiou, Giannis F. Marias, George C. Polyzos, Hermann De Meer


Wireless sensor networks have received wide attention recently across the indoor and outdoor applications. On the other hand, more and more application scenarios require sensor nodes to be mobile, which imposes new technological challenges for security. Key management is the core for secure data communications among the resource-constrained sensor nodes. In this paper, based on the Group Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocols and the energy level of each node in the network, we propose Energy Aware Group Diffie-Hellman key management protocol for mobile wireless sensor networks. The simulation results show that the proposed key management protocol provide significant improvement in maximizing the lifetime of networks.

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Data publikacji: 2012-01-01 00:00:00
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