How validation can help in testing business processes orchestrating web services

Damian Grela, Krzysztof Sapiecha, Joanna Strug


Validation and testing are important in developing correct and fault free SOA-basedsystems. BPEL is a high level language that makes it possible to implement business processes asan orchestration of web services. In general, the testing requires much more test scenarios than thevalidation. However, in the case of BPEL processes, which have very simple and well structuredimplementation, test scenarios limited to the validation may also be efficient. The paper describes anexperiment that aims at answering a question whether or not the validation test scenarios are alsoadequate for testing an implementation of BPEL processes. The experiment employs a Software FaultInjector for BPEL Processes that is able to inject faults when the test scenarios are running. Theresults of the experiment seem very promising. Hence, it seems that validation tests might give astrong support for testing.

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