The Concept and Security Analysis of Wireless Sensor Network for Gas Lift in Oilwells

Bartlomiej Bielecki, Bogdan Ksiezopolski, Andrzej Krajka, Adam Wierzbicki


Pipelines, wellbores and ground installations are permanently controlled by sensorsspread across the crucial points in the whole area. One of the most popular techniques to supportproper oil drive in a wellbore is a Gas Lift. In this paper we present the concept of using wireless sensornetwork (WSN) in the oil and gas industry installations. Assuming that Gas Lift Valves (GLVs) ina wellbore annulus are sensor controlled, the proper amount of injected gas should be provided. In aground installation, the optimized amount of loaded gas is a key factor in the effcient oil production.This paper considers the basic foundations and security requirements of WSN dedicated to Gas LiftInstallations. Possible attack scenarios and their influence on the production results are shown aswell.

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