Analysis of surface myoelectric signals by linear prediction method

Waldemar Suszyński, Wiesława Kuniszyk-Jóźkowiak, Ireneusz Codello, Rafał Stęgierski, Karol Kuczyński, Janusz Jaszczuk


The article presents a proposal to use linear prediction method for a quick analysis of surface myoelectric (EMG) signals. The spectra obtained with the linear prediction (LP) and Fourier methods were compared. The LP method allows for a precise determination of the location and amplitude of the spectrum maximum and observation of changes in muscle tension and contraction phases. EMG spectra of brachial biceps during flexion and extension of the forearm by four adults were analyzed. The optimal width of the time window for the averaging of motor unit action potentials that allows for the observation of changes during contraction was established. It has been found that maximum spectrum during flexion has a significantly higher frequency and amplitude than during the extension of the forearm.


EMG, linear prediction; Fourier analysis; frequency spectrum

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