Issues on the Definition of Administrative-Legal System of Principles for Regulation of Natural Monopoly Subjects’ Activities in the Sector of Electric Power Engineering in Ukraine

Anna Viktorivna Berlach


The article deals with the analysis of modern scientific views on determining the content of the principles for legal regulation development. In particular, the author investigates issues of administrative and legal regulation of natural monopoly entities activity in the field of electric power engineering in Ukraine. Ths way of author’s approach can be explained by the peculiarities of relations in the sector of electric energy production in Ukraine. These peculiarities include: the necessity to regulate competition on electricity market, prevention of corruption and other negative consequences of the monopoly, as well as the increasing of investment attractiveness in the electric power sector. Th author shows that the relevance of this research is determined by the dynamic development of legislation within this industry along with conditions of legal relations in the field of electricity, in particular, the launch of new entities into the electricity market. There it is shown that the current legislation of Ukraine defines the relevant standards of functioning of the electricity market, concerning general approaches to the content of state policy in this sector of economy. At the same time, it was emphasized that the system of principles for administrative and legal regulation of the subjects of natural monopolies activity in the field of electricity is subject to further investigation. The content of sectoral legislation governing the electricity sector and anti-monopoly one that defines the legal status of natural monopoly entities are analyzed in detail. It is shown that at present time the authorities that are to legislate these principles have established them just in some certain areas of administrative and legal regulation in this field without proper systematic and scientifically grounded approach. According to the author’s idea, such a situation may complicate the law enforcement practice, since the question of the application of a particular system of principles remains dim. Th author has formulated the conclusion on the need for improvement of sectoral legislation, which would ensure balance of interests between manufacturers and consumers of electricity, taking into account the whole economic system of the country.


administrative and legal regulation; public administration authorities; principles; theory; practice; improvement; natural monopolies; electric energetics

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