Features of Legal Regulation of Handling of Farm Animals During Slaughter in Ukraine

Iryna Siuiva


The article deals with the peculiarities of legal regulation of handling of farm animals during slaughter. On the basis of the analysis of Ukrainian legislation and international legislation, the requirements for the transportation of animals have been determined, taking into account their biological, species and individual characteristics, as well as the primary processing of animals and products obtained by slaughter. In the article particular attention is paid to the subject composition of the studied legal relations, the problems of applying humane methods of slaughter of farm animals and certain issues of legal responsibility in the sphere of handling animals during slaughter in Ukraine. The state of development of slaughter economy of producers of agrarian sector of Ukraine was studied. An estimation of the current state of functioning of slaughter points in Ukraine was carried out. Based on the generalization of the world and domestic experience, the directions of their development were proposed as a component of the market infrastructure. The conclusion was made about the need for the development of slaughter stations as an alternative to home slaughter of livestock intended for sale. The advantages and disadvantages of the prohibition of selling meat from home slaughter of livestock were analyzed. The ways of improving the system of state control in the field of food safety were proposed taking into account the requirements of the European Union and the socio-economic situation in Ukraine.


farm animals; welfare of animals; animal slaughter; legal liability

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17951/ppa.2018.171-79
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