Some properties of the class \(\mathcal{U}\)

Milutin Obradovic, Nikola Tuneski


In this paper we study the class \(\mathcal{U}\) of functions that are analytic in the open unit disk \(D =\{z : |z| < 1\}\), normalized such that\(f(0) = f'(0)-1 = 0\) and satisfy \[\left|\left[\frac{z}{f(z)}\right]^2f'(z) - 1\right|< 1\quad  (z\in D).\]
For functions in the class \(\mathcal{U}\) we give sharp estimates of the second and the third Hankel determinant, its relationship with the class of \(\alpha\)-convex functions, as well as certain starlike properties.


Analytic; class \(\mathcal{U}\); starlike, \(\alpha\)-convex; Hankel determinant

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