On the complex q-Appell polynomials

Thomas Ernst


The purpose of this article is to generalize the ring of \(q\)-Appell polynomials to the complex case. The formulas for \(q\)-Appell polynomials thus appear again, with similar names, in a purely symmetric way. Since these complex \(q\)-Appell polynomials are also \(q\)-complex analytic functions, we are able to give a first example of the \(q\)-Cauchy-Riemann equations. Similarly, in the spirit of Kim and Ryoo, we can define \(q\)-complex Bernoulli and Euler polynomials. Previously, in order to obtain the \(q\)-Appell polynomial, we would make a \(q\)-addition of the corresponding \(q\)-Appell number with \(x\). This is now replaced by a \(q\)-addition of the corresponding \(q\)-Appell number with two infinite function sequences \(C_{\nu,q}(x,y)\) and \(S_{\nu,q}(x,y)\) for the real and imaginary part of a new so-called \(q\)-complex number appearing in the generating function. Finally, we can prove \(q\)-analogues of the Cauchy-Riemann equations.


Complex q-Appell polynomials; q-complex numbers; q-complex Bernoulli and Euler polynomials; q-Cauchy-Riemann equations

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