Multiplication formulas for q-Appell polynomials and the multiple q-power sums

Thomas Ernst


In the first article on q-analogues of two Appell polynomials, the generalized Apostol-Bernoulli  and Apostol-Euler  polynomials, focus was on generalizations, symmetries, and complementary argument theorems. In this second article, we focus on a recent paper by Luo, and one paper on power sums by Wang and Wang. Most of the proofs are made by using generating functions, and the (multiple) q-addition plays a fundamental role. The introduction of the q-rational numbers in formulas with q-additions enables natural q-extension of vector forms of Raabes multiplication formulas. As special cases, new formulas for q-Bernoulli and q-Euler polynomials are obtained.


Raabes multiplication formulas; q-Appell polynomials; multiple q-power sum; symmetry; q-rational number

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