On a question of T. Sheil-Small regarding valency of harmonic maps

Daoud Bshouty, Abdallah Lyzzaik


The aim of this work is to answer positively a more general question than the following which is due to T. Sheil-Small: Does the harmonic extension in the open unit disc of a mapping f from the unit circle into itself of the form \(f(e^{it}) = e^{i\phi(t)}\), \(0\leq t \leq 2\pi\) where \(\phi\) is a continuously non-decreasing function that satisfies \(\phi(2\pi)-\phi(0) = 2N\pi\), assume every value finitely many times in the disc?


Harmonic mapping; cluster set

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17951/a.2012.66.2.25-29
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