Inclusion properties of certain subclasses of analytic functions defined by generalized Salagean operator

M. K. Aouf, A. Shamandy, A. O. Mostafa, S. M. Madian


Let \(A\) denote the class of analytic functions with the normalization \(f(0)=f^{\prime }(0)-1=0\) in the open unit disc \(U=\{z:\left\vert z\right\vert <1\}\).  Set \[f_{\lambda }^{n}(z)=z+\sum_{k=2}^{\infty }[1+\lambda (k-1)]^{n}z^{k}\quad(n\in N_{0};\ \lambda \geq 0;\ z\in U),\] and define \(f_{\lambda ,\mu }^{n}\) in terms of the Hadamard product \[f_{\lambda }^{n}(z)\ast f_{\lambda ,\mu }^{n}=\frac{z}{(1-z)^{\mu }}\quad (\mu >0;\ z\in U). \] In this paper, we introduce several subclasses of analytic functions defined by means of the operator \(I_{\lambda ,\mu }^{n}:A\longrightarrow A\), given by \[ I_{\lambda ,\mu }^{n}f(z)=f_{\lambda ,\mu }^{n}(z)\ast f(z)\quad (f\in A;\ n\in N_{0;}\ \lambda \geq 0;\ \mu >0). \]Inclusion properties of these classes and the classes involving the generalized Libera integral operator are also considered.


Analytic; Hadamard product; starlike; convex

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