About a new suggested interpretation of special theory of relativity within a three-dimensional Euclid space

Davide Fiscaletti, Amrit Sorli


An  interpretation  of  special  theory  of  relativity  is  proposed,  in  which  the  fundamental  arena  of  physical processes is an Euclid three-dimensional space where time exists only as a numerical order of  material  changes  and  the  duration  of  material  changes  is  a  proper,  physical  scaling  function  of  the  numerical  order.  This  model  introduces  interesting  perspectives  in  the  study  of  several  phenomena  inside  special  relativity,  such  as  aberration  of  light,  Doppler  effect,  Jupiter’s  satellites  occultation  and  radar  ranging  of  the  planets.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17951/aaa.2013.68.39
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