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Vol 69 (2014) A cycle of enzymatic reactions with some properties of neuronal circuits Abstract   PDF
Jan Sielewiesiuk
Vol 70 (2015) A review of some scientific papers by Prof. Stanisław Szpikowski Abstract   PDF
Andrzej Góźdź
Vol 68 (2013) About a new suggested interpretation of special theory of relativity within a three-dimensional Euclid space Abstract   PDF
Davide Fiscaletti, Amrit Sorli
Vol 71 (2016) An Exact Analytical Solution to the Shallow Water Equations Near Beaches Abstract   PDF
M. Yourdkhani, Saber Zarrinkamar
Vol 70 (2015) Analytical solutions of Schrödinger equation with new solvable potential family V(r)=A/r^2-B/r+Cr^(δ+1) via Nikiforov-Uvarov (NU) method Abstract   PDF
Akaninyene Daniel Antia, Ita Okon Akpan, Akpan Ndem Ikot, Elham Maghsoodi, Saber Zarrinkamar, Hassan Hassanabadi
Vol 70 (2015) Carbon and oxygen isotope variability among foraminifera and ostracod carbonated shells Abstract   PDF
François Fourel, François Martineau, Emoke Emoke Tóth, Agnes Görög, Gilles Escarguel, Christophe Lécuyer
Vol 69 (2014) Carbon isotopic composition of early-diagenetic methane: variations with sediments depth Abstract   PDF
Mariusz Orion Jędrysek, Stanisław Hałas, Tomasz Pieńkos
Vol 68 (2013) Comment on ‘Bulk-plasmon contribution to the work function of metals’ Abstract   PDF
Tomasz Durakiewicz, Stanisław Hałas
Vol 68 (2013) Controversies about the value of the third cosmic velocity Abstract   PDF
Stanisław Hałas, Adrian Pacek
Vol 69 (2014) Cryogenic separation of glauconite and foraminifera from Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary in Nasiłów, Poland, for radiometric dating and stratigraphy Abstract   PDF
Artur Wójtowicz, Tomasz Pieńkos, Stanisław Hałas, Danuta Peryt, Tomasz Durakiewicz, Agnieszka Młynek
Vol 70 (2015) Dynamic effects and large – amplitude motion in Jacobi and Poincaré shape transitions in atomic nuclei Abstract   PDF
Katarzyna Mazurek, Jerzy Dudek, Adam Maj, Maria Kmiecik, David Rouvel
Vol 71 (2016) Dynamic Quantum Vacuum and Relativity Abstract   PDF
Davide Fiscaletti
Vol 70 (2015) Editorial Details   PDF
Stanisław Hałas
Vol 68 (2013) FEM application in studies of mechanical properties of the C-Pd film Abstract   PDF
Joanna Rymarczyk
Vol 70 (2015) Geochemical study of precipitates in the architectural surfaces from Bern, Switzerland Abstract   PDF
Miłosz Andrzej Huber, Stanisław Hałas
Vol 71 (2016) Hellmann Potential in Spinless Salpeter Equation with Potential Barrier within the Framework of Nikiforov-Uvarov method Abstract   PDF
Akaninyene Daniel Antia
Vol 68 (2013) Interferometer for receiving and recording of radio emission of the Sun at the frequency of 220 MHz Abstract   PDF
Longin Gładyszewski, Tomasz Pieńkos
Vol 70 (2015) Intrinsic symmetries Abstract   PDF
Aleksandra Pędrak, Andrzej Góźdź, A. A. Gusev, S. I. Vinitsky
Vol 69 (2014) Isotope geochronology: models versus reality. Invited lecture presented at the 12th geochronological conference “Dating of minerals and rocks XII”, UMCS, Lublin, 16.10.2014 Abstract   PDF
Jan Burchart
Vol 70 (2015) Isotopic investigation of nitrates in Horyniec-Zdrój waters Abstract   PDF
Anna Baran, Ireneusz Baran, Beata Gebus, Stanisław Hałas
Vol 70 (2015) Isotopic studies of nitrates – a short review Abstract   PDF
Beata Gebus, Stanisław Hałas
Vol 70 (2015) J. Burchart & J. Kráĺ – Izotopowy zapis przeszłości Ziemi. Wyd. Uniw. Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej, Lublin 2015, 70 ryc., 299 str. Details   PDF
Zdzisław Migaszewski
Vol 71 (2016) Optical and TEM characterization of phase transformation in Zn ion implanted and thermal oxidized quartz Abstract   PDF
Vladimir Privezentsev
Vol 71 (2016) Outline of Professor Włodzimierz Żuk (1916 – 1981) life Details   PDF
Stanisław Hałas
Vol 69 (2014) Positive and negative feedback loops coupled by common transcription activator and repressor Abstract   PDF
Jan Sielewiesiuk, Agata Łopaciuk
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