Modern Cooperation Between Ukraine and the IMF: Dynamics, Trends and Problems

Galina Myskiv, Lyubov Нalkiv


Purpose –The paper considers and analyzes IMF’s credit activity in Ukraine in the years 1994–2016.
Methodology – To achieve this, the analysis of data presented in the  period 1994–2016 at IMF official website, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and the National Bank was undertaken. Some key documents of IMF were also taken into consideration.
Findings – The authors examined the indicators of lending activity between the IMF and Ukraine and identified the positive and negative impact of it on the national economy. In addition, the authors emphasize the problems that accompany loans for Ukraine and propose the ways to increase efficiency
Originality/Value – The paper presents role of  IMF in  effective development of the country, potential opportunities and threats, and emerging trends.
Paper classification – Research paper.


credit, credit program, IMF, foreign creditors, economy

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