Jan Gąsior, Bernadeta Alvarez


The aim of the investigation was the estimation of sulphate sulphur in soils in the Podkarpackie Province. The content of sulphate sulphur within the soils developed on flysch works subject to strong spatial variability of 0.87 g kg-1 in the Przemyoel Foothills to 2.00 g kg-1 in the Cieżkowickie and Strzyżowskie Foothills. The content of sulphate sulphur in soils is positively correlated with the content of humus in the Western Bieszczady Mountains and the content of colloidal clay fraction within the Tarnogrodzki Plateau and Rzeszów Foothills. In soil types: Haplic Cambisol, Haplic Cambisol (Dystric), Haplic Cambisol Podzolised, Haplic Podzol and Haplic Luvisol found in the Podkarpackie Province there is no significant variation of the sulphate Sulphur content (average 1.73-1.93mg100g-1), but less sulphur was found in Haplic Cambisol (Eutric) soils.

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