Soil types and their relations with radon concentration levels in Middle Governorate of Gaza Strip, Palestine

Khalid Fathi Ubeid, Khaled Ahmed Ramadan


Determination of natural radioactivity has been carried out in surface and core agricultural soil samples collected from various sites in the Middle Governorate – Gaza Strip, Palestine. Mechanical and chemical analysis has been done to determine soil characteristics. Radon activity concentration measurements were carried out using solid state nuclear tracks detectors, Cr-39. The mechanical analysis results show that they belong to two classes, sandy loam and loamy sand. The sandy loam soil was observed in the eastern side of the study area, whereas the loamy sand was observed in western and middle parts. The radon concentration levels were higher in core samples and were proportionate to the soil depth. Also they were higher in sandy loam than loamy sand soil samples. The radon concentration levels had a positive correlation with fine grains (clay- to silt-size) of soil sample which translocated from upper to lower horizons of soil during its development. Additionally, there was a positive correlation with pH and water content, whereas a negative correlation was observed with organic matter and potassium contents. The positive correlation referred to a large specific surface of fine grains which were located in lower horizons of soil and were able to adsorb more water and consequently led to high radon concentration levels.


grain-size distribution; radon; pollution; Gaza Strip; Palestine

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