The impact of climate change on soil water balance and agricultural production sustainability in Mediterranean part of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Melisa Ljusa, Hamid Custovic, Sabina Hodzic


The world agriculture uses about 70% of the world water resources in irrigation. The concern over the sustainability of water use as demand for agricultural, industrial, and domestic uses continues to increase. Conflicts between particular sectors result in tensions, which sometimes lead to “water wars” in different parts of the world. It is the reason why many national and international organizations are putting the water quantity and quality questions on the top of the world’s open questions/problems. The main aim of this paper is to present soil water balance of the Mediterranean region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, prepared for a long-term time series for two locations (Trebinje and Mostar) annually and during the vegetation period. The mean long-term data has been used as a base for future predicted calculation. The predicted PET was based on an increase in air temperature by 2°C and predicted decrease in precipitation by 25%. With so predicted calculated data of monthly PET and monthly precipitation the predicted soil water balance was done.


agriculture, adaptation to climate change, climate change, soil water balance

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