Artificial Intelligence and Law-Making – Reflections on the Basis of Mirko Pečarič’s Article “Lex Ex Machina: Reasons for Algorithmic Regulation” (“Masaryk University Journal of Law and Technology” 2021, vol. 15(1), pp. 85–117, DOI:

Karol Dąbrowski


Artificial intelligence has a stable position in the legal system. We speak about “electronic persons”, “autonomous entities”, the impact of artificial intelligence on labor law, and liability for autonomous vehicles. Therefore, the use of artificial intelligence in the legislative process should not raise any doubts. In an interesting article, Mirko Pečarič presented the legal and philosophical context of using algorithms to create regulatory impact assessments. Artificial intelligence can help sketch scenarios for the development of law and thus be helpful in the creation of legal policy.


Mirko Pečarič; artificial intelligence; legal system; algorithms

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