„The Żyrardów Affair” in the interwar period – judgment of the Court of Civil in the case of Alexander Lednicki

Przemysław Dąbrowski


„The Żyrardów Affair” was the loudest case of interwar period. It is an excellent source to learn about the history of foreign capital in Poland. A major role was played by Alexander Lednicki – a lawyer, the leader of Moscow’s Poles in the period of the Russian Empire, former president of the Liquidation Committee for the Affairs of the former Kingdom of Poland, and president of the American Bank in Poland in the interwar period. He participated in the signing of the agreement in Biskupice, for what he was called a traitor to the Polish state. After this event, he committed suicide. His son, Wenceslaus, stood in defense of Alexander Lednicki’s honour. Thanks to his initiative, the convened Civil Court composed of well-known people in contemporary Poland. After initial process, Lednicki was acquitted of the charges against him109.

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