Constitutionalisation of the social dialogue

Stanisław Leszek Stadniczeńko


Human life happens in a daily interaction space of symbolic interactions and communication dialogue, in which individuals produce specific practices and come into contact with social structures materialized in the daily activities. The article aims to show the value of dialogue as a unique tool of democratic creation of future filled with peace, respect for others, solidarity, kindness and hope. The addition to the term “dialogue” of the adjective term “social” means that the perspective, at which it is targeted, is not individual, but covers the society as a whole. The dialogue itself is understood as conversation, an exchange of views, which can lead to achievement of common compromise and aiming at common goals. For direct expression of the will of the nation or its communities forms of direct democracy are used. The principle of dialogue presented in the article refers to both the sphere of domestic and international law, including the law of EU.

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Data publikacji: 2015-04-18 11:34:25
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