The constitutional aspects of security

Halina Zięba-Załucka


Experts usually agree that security (meant as safety) is a complex concept and that it refers, in general, to freedom from any threats to the fundamental values. Hence, the author presents in her paper the views on security. But since security as a natural and inalienable right is given particular prominence in the catalogue of rights protected by international law, the paper also addresses the instruments of international law that regulate these issues. The most important Polish legal instrument regulating security issues is the Constitution of the Republic of Poland adopted in 1997. It should be noted that the concept of national security has not been adequately explained in the Polish Constitution and generally, this term does not appear in the text separately. In this respect, Article 5 of the Constitution is of importance: “The Republic of Poland shall safeguard the independence and integrity of its territory and ensure the freedoms and rights of persons and citizens, the security of the citizens, safeguard the national heritage and shall ensure the protection of the natural environment pursuant to the principles of sustainable development”. Security regulations can also be found in other articles of the Constitution. The author emphasizes that, due to the broad scope of security issues and to the abundance of bodies and their subordinate units and offices that carry out tasks regarding this scope, there is a necessity to harmonize their activities. The constitutional regulations can be helpful in this respect. The Constitution clearly states that higher responsibility in this respect rests with the Council of Ministers. The role of the President is limited to supporting the government. This is clearly visible in the regulations concerning jurisdiction.

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