Gloss to the Decision of the Supreme Court from 5th March 2014, IV KK 316/13, OS-NKW 2014, No. 11, Item 82

Magdalena Budyn-Kulik


The commentary deals with the deliberate intent a victim of an art. 207 § 3 C.C. crime, who attempts to commit suicide. Such victim’s decision as a consequence of domestic violence (art. 207 § 3 C.C.) suggests at least consciousness of a death possibility as a result of victim’s own behavior and acceptance of the death. Supreme Court thesis, that the art. 207 § 3 C.C. claims, that victim’s subjective side has a form of deliberate intent, is a very strict one. In many cases a victim’s behavior, that objectively is “a suicide attempt” with death result, victim’s consent cannot be positively proved. Better solution would be to proclaim a specific presumption, that there is always a connection between a suicide attempt and violence.


criminal law; deliberate intent; domestic violence; suicide attempt; death; subjective side

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