The political philosophy of Edvard Benes and its impact on the legal regulations of the resettlement of the Sudeten Germans

Artur Łuszczyński


Edvard Benes was a key figure in the history of Czechoslovakia. Since 1918, when a new European order was created, Benes is always present on the political scene. He is a figure whose reputation has been subject to wide fluctuation. Now, we can say with certainty that he was a lonely figure, misunderstood and tragic. His actions were not always understood, both by supporters and opponents. The author believes that for a better understanding of Benes’ motives we should know his ideas, his political thought. This article is an attempt to reconstruct the views of the Czech politician determining his practical actions. The author claims that the colloquial views describing Benes as a bureaucrat, a skilled political player who thanks to the lack of strong political views achieves his goals, is wrong. On the contrary, often the vision of democracy, understood very originally, determined the action taken.

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