BEPS 13: CBCR – Country-by-Country Reporting

Jadwiga Glumińska-Pawlic, Hanna Szarpak


In order to eradicate the unfair competition in the form of tax avoidance and profit shifting, the OECD and the EU advise undertaking effective measures, which have been gathered in a complex of 15 actions that should be introduced by member states to their law orders. Promoting the automatic information exchange and reporting (BEPS 13) has become one of the priorities, as it is considered a tool that guarantees the transparency of actions and the future European and international standards in tax matters. Due to the fact that groups of multinational enterprises have the possibility for applying practices of aggressive tax planning, tax organs of member states need extensive and accurate data that will enable them to react to harmful tax practices by introducing amendments to law or implementing appropriate risk assessments and tax inspections. A greater transparency towards tax organs ought to result in multinational tax organs refraining from the practices they have implemented so far, so that they would start to pay taxes in the country they generate income.


optimisation; tax avoidance; profit shifting; base erosion; exchange of information


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