Gloss to the Judgement of the Voivodeship Administrative Court in Warsaw of 17 October 2017 (V SA/Wa 2821/16)

Jarosław Kostrubiec


A total of not more than 100 talented and gifted graduates of first-cycle studies and students after completing the third year of long-cycle Master’s degree studies, who do not hold a master’s degree, may, by way of a competition carried out under the programme of the minister responsible for science matters, be granted funding for research financed from the funds assigned in the State budget for education. However, the competition procedure should be transparent and the criteria thereof should be publicly known on the date of announcement of the competition. The criteria and the scoring cannot be determined after the deadline for submitting the applications, before the very deciding on the allocation of research resources, as it was done by the Minister of Science and Higher Education and upheld by the commented judgement.


scientific research; science funding; higher education

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