Gloss to the Judgement of the Supreme Administrative Court of 8 May 2018 (II OSK 1926/17)

Anna Ostrowska, Jakub Polanowski


By the judgement of 8 May 2018 (II OSK 1926/17), the Supreme Administrative Court dismissed the cassation appeal of the Lublin Provincial Heritage Conservation Officer against the judgement of the Voivodeship Administrative Court in Lublin of 6 April 2017 (II SA/Lu 1119/16), in which the Court found ineffective inclusion of a real estate monument record card (the area of the former Jewish cemetery in Biłgoraj at Maria Konopnicka Street) in the provincial record of historical monuments. The Supreme Administrative Court stressed that although the judgement under appeal was incorrectly reasoned, it was in accordance with the law since there were grounds for declaring the contested act ineffective. The aforementioned judgement deserves attention due to the fact that it expresses the position that it is impossible to apply the general principles of the Code of Administrative Procedure in the proceedings conducted by the provincial heritage conservation officer concerning the inclusion of the record card of a historical monument in the provincial record of monuments. The purpose of the gloss is to refer to this view.


real estate monument; provincial record of historical monuments; provincial heritage conservation officer; record card of the historical monument; Code of Administrative Procedure; general principles of administrative procedure; principle of trust


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