A conterfect of a writer. Image negotiations

Katarzyna Witkiewicz


Jacek Dehnel is one of the most popular Polish writers of a younger generation. His media image is based on the following four aspects: his individual style, his interests, being a poet, prose writer and columnist and the issue of homosexuality.
The material of the novel “Lala” is primarily a prosaic contribution to the author’s autocreation. Image is treated here as a postmodernist variant of the convention of a moral and intellectual authority, tailored to the realities of the market space, it mainly concerns two issues: the role of a writer and the role of a grandson – the heir of the tradition of the family, who has received a thorough education, refined manners and an impressive family tree. The image created in the media, especially in the Internet space, focuses on the external signs
of Dehnel’s style. The published audiovisual materials provide the audience with a portrait of a modern dandy, reinforced by texts of noble origin, talent and erudition. Dehnel’s image is the subject of
much debate, which confirms the impact of autocreation mechanisms used by the writer consistently since the beginning of his existence in the media space. Dehnel belongs to a generation of writerscelebrities who (because of the fact that now the writer is connected with the market) must take care of their popularity. Dehnel’s strategy focuses on presenting himself in opposition to the pop culture world of celebrities, but while belonging to it, he takes advantage of proven marketing mechanisms.


Jacek Dehnel; contemporary Polish fiction; autobiography; self-aggrandizement

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