Internet Pseudonyms of Polish YouTubers. Their Origin, Structure and Place in the Modern Anthroponymy System

Iwona Ewa Nobis


The subject of the article is nicknames (nicks) used by YouTubers, i.e. Polish Internet creators who have their own channel on YouTube, and also the methods of their creation. The aim of the article is to analyse the linguistic and semantic aspects of pseudonyms created in the act of Internet autonomy and to indicate their basic functions. Thus, the research is part of the area of media onomastics. The material was collected via a computer network. The conducted research revealed that YouTuber pseudonyms constitute a diverse group of anthroponyms, both in terms of motivation and structure. They are most often created as a result of onimisation and transonymisation of real names and/or surnames, as well as mythological, literary and film heroes, without any formal change, and also as a result of derivation, most often suffixal. Various forms of names prevail, including full names and shortened and hypocoristic names, as well as foreign names or those formed under the influence of foreign names. Less numerous is the group of pseudonymic forms motivated by common words. All of which have the function of identifying and distinguishing the bearer from others.


media onomastics; nickname; nick; autonomy; pseudonymic forms

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