The Influence of Human-induced Erosion on the Soil Organic Carbon Stock in Vineyards of Fordon Valley

Marcin Świtoniak, Michał Dąbrowski, Agnieszka Łyszkiewicz


The aim of this paper has been to define the influence of accelerated erosion on basic properties and the SOM stocks of soils within vineyards located on western slopes of the Lower Vistula Valley. The study was conducted within four vineyards situated 30 km north-east from Bydgoszcz. During the field work 44 auger holes were made. On the basis of results of drilling, eight places for soil pits were selected. The study sites were characterised by considerable diversity of soil cover. The SOM stocks in studied profiles ranged from 2,98 to 63,9 kg m-2. The upper parts of the Lower Vistula Valley slopes were dominated by Luvisols developed from glacial tills. Pedons located in toe and foot slope positions represented Chernozems and Phaeozems developed from layered fluvial sediments. The translocation of soil was caused by accelerated erosion that heightened differentiation in the primeval SOM stocks. Although, the Luvisols were truncated in result of accelerated erosion, they were not significantly depleted in organic matter stocks. Most Chernozems and Phaeozems located in toe and foot slope positions were enhanced in SOM stocks due to accumulation of humus colluvial material on their surface. The short period of existence of vineyards makes it impossible to determine the impact of grass roots decay on carbon content in surface soil horizons between rows of vine.

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