The debate on passing the Polish-Czechoslovak bill of family law in Czechoslovak National Assembly in 1949

Piotr Fiedorczyk


In 1949 Polish and Czechoslovak lawyers prepared a draft of joint family law for both states. It was prepared for political reasons, to implement communist law in two “people’s democracy” countries. It was based on Soviet law. The Czechoslovak part was quicker in passing the new law. The final debate took place in National Assembly on December 7th, 1949. Only three persons took part in it. It had completely ideological character. Especially the Minister of Justice had very communist speech. He criticized strongly “capitalist” family law and attacked the Catholic Church, because Czechoslovak bishops were protesting against civil marriages. In fact the draft on family law was used by the communist authorities to create anti-church atmosphere. The bill was passed without votes against. Similar debate took place in Polish Sejm in 1950, although it had a little bit less ideological character.

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