The beginnings of Polish school of administrative law

Grzegorz Smyk


The dynamic development of administrative sciences in the second half of the 19th century was reflected in the origin of the Polish School of Administrative Law. Antoni Okolski, Jozef Bohdan Oczapowski and Franciszek Ksawery Kasparek are considered to be its founders. They became credited for – for the first time on the Polish land – separating it into an independent branch of science and setting its main subjects, which granted it an original Polish character. Contrary to other western countries, frequent formulating of specific proposals of changes in resolving issues as regards different administrative fields as well as accentuating the meaning of such institutions as self-government, allowing large societies to participate directly in the management of public affairs was the characteristics of the Polish legal-administrative  publications. Furthermore, the unique – due to its looking into the future – trait of the Polish administrative thought was the noticing of positive results of direct activities of the administrative apparatus of the country in the economic and the social sphere.

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