Applicable Procedural Law in International Commercial Arbitration

Yurii Bilousov, Volodymyr Nahnybida


The article is of a scientific research nature and its main goal is to determine the legal nature, sources of regulation and key features of the law, governing the procedure in international commercial arbitration. The issue is analyzed through investigation of relevant provisions of international documents, national laws on arbitration and arbitration rules of leading permanent institutions. It is established that under the applicable procedural law it is possible to understand a single legal system only within a certain context, in particular, when referring to procedural rules of lex arbitri. Authors also substantiate the position according to which in the most general sense, the law applicable to the arbitration process should be understood as chosen by the parties or determined by the arbitral tribunal or by other authorized body procedural law of a state, with its own legal nature and instrumental purpose, which is usually the law of the place of arbitration (lex arbitri); and rules of procedure agreed by the parties by specifying the arbitration rules of a particular institutional arbitration or other similar rules in the arbitration clause.


international commercial arbitration; lex arbitri; place of arbitration; procedural rules

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Date of publication: 2022-06-22 09:37:15
Date of submission: 2021-06-09 15:20:38


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