The Procedural Autonomy of Hungarian Administrative Justice as a Precondition of Effective Judicial Protection

Krisztina F. Rozsnyai


The article is aimed at showing the hesitant and slow developments whereby the Hungarian administrative justice should be approached to the dualistic model of administrative justice. After 40 years of almost total monism, and 25 years of transition, one decisive step was made with the promulgation of the Code of Administrative Court Procedure. The article investigates why its concept taking form in the declaration of the principle of autonomy of administrative court procedure rules is crucial for providing effective legal protection against administration in Hungary, and what safeguards the Code contains to foster this autonomy, and by this, the strengthening of a functional administrative justice.


effective judicial protection; dualistic model of administrative justice; autonomy; Hungarian administrative justice; administrative court procedure rules

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Act no. III of 1952 – (Old) Code of Civil Procedure Rules.

Act no. XXVI of 1991 – Act on the broadening of judicial review of administrative act.

Act no. CXXX of 2016 – (New) Code of Civil Procedure Rules.

Act no. I of 2017 – Code of Administrative Court Procedure.

Date of publication: 2021-10-13 00:45:57
Date of submission: 2021-07-17 23:17:25


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