Latest proposals of changes in the Republic of Poland Constitution

Ryszard Chruściak


The proposal presented by the United Poland party (Solidarna Polska) and defined as a new constitution cannot be considered as a complete proposal of the new fundamental law. A significant number of solutions, which are a copy of the RP Constitution is decisive in this regard. Special attention should be paid to the replication of the scheme of chapters of the fundamental law of 1997. Besides, a majority of chapters was adopted without meaningful changes and the content of most articles was simply repeated. The proposal is not original, based mostly on the existing construction of the fundamental law. Nevertheless the proposed changes could be defined as significant. The most important is a modification of the executive power, expressed in the abolishment of the office of the Prime Minister and placement of the RP President as the head of the Council of Prime Ministers. A meaningful change refers to the abolishment of the Senate and return to one chamber – the Sejm. A visible and highly original is the proposal of electing the Prosecutor General in general elections. Additionally the following can be considered as original: the establishment of the Court of State Responsibility instead of the State Tribunal, the return to the verdicts of the Constitutional Tribunal which are not final, and making a referendum upon the motion of a group of citizens. These proposals include solutions both replicated but also new and interesting and in some cases also controversial.

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