Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Skłodowska, sectio FF – Philologiae

The mission of Annales UMCS Sectio FF Philologiae is to publish thematically and methodologically diverse articles within the research area of the humanities, mainly in the field of literary studies and linguistics (both in the area of Polish and neophilological studies), as well as cultural studies. The biaannual volumes of our journal cover multidisciplinary approaches to the humanities in various aspects. Annales UMCS Sectio FF Philologiae is a biannual journal open to both experienced scholars and young authors who are at the beginning of their academic career. The journal is thus an excellent platform for an intergenerational dialogue and the presentation of different points of view on the topics discussed in each volume. By inviting authors, reviewers and members of the editorial board from internationally renowned academic centres abroad conducting research in the humanities, we are also concerned with the internationalisation of the results of research conducted in Poland. Since 2018, scientific articles have been published thematic issues that present selected literary, linguistic and cultural phenomena.

MEiN points: 70

ISSN: 0239-426X
e-ISSN: 2449-853X
Submitted articles rejection rate : approx. 20%



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English version of Annales UMCS”, sec. FF (Philologiae) in the years 2019-2020 financed under contract 615/P-DUN/2019 from the funds of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for activities promoting science”. 

Pursuant to contract no. 333/WCN/2019/1 of 28 August 2019, the journal implements tasks in the years 2019-2020 within the framework of the programme “Support for Scientiic Journals” inanced from the funds of the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

Posted: 2021-02-22
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Vol 39, No 2 (2021)

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