The poetry of occupied Ardennes, 1914-1918

Gavin Bowd


The German occupation of France during the Great War has long been buried beneath the memory of the Occupation of 1940-1944. It is only very recently that it has begun to be studied seriously by historians: This article considers the role of poetry in the Ardennes, the only French département to be completely occupied for the entire duration of the conflict. Here we see how poetry, among other cultural forms, is instrumentalised by the German occupier, notably in its French language propaganda newspaper, La Gazette des Ardennes, in order to promote defeatism and collaboration. On the other hand, exiled to
unoccupied France, the Ardennais poet Henri Dacremont produces a conventionally patriotic poetry tinged with regionalism. This « engagée » poetry contrasts with the more contemplative and melancholy verse of Marie-Louise Dromart, which will only published after the deliverance of her home region.


Ardennes; occupation; poetry; propaganda


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