Images of water in Simenon’s “Long cours”

Lilla Horányi


In this paper we examine the way Simenon uses violent images of water in Long cours (1936). This exotic novel tells the wanderings of Joseph Mittel who leaves France with Germaine, wanted for murder. Through the analysis of the incipit and the passage about the first days of Mittel as a stoker on the boat of a smuggler we show that Simenon creates a network of references in order to elucidate the failure of the exotic experience of the main character. This allows us to reflect on Simenon’s writing process as well.


exotism; incipit; ship; Simenon; water


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Date of publication: 2018-10-05 14:27:35
Date of submission: 2018-04-08 20:22:34


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