The Potential of RAFT Strategy for Improving Jordanian EFL Students' Creative Writing

Na'ela Jumah Al-Mahdawi, Oqla Mahmoud Al-Smadi


This study examines the potential effect of RAFT strategy on Jordanian EFL Eleventh-grade students' creative writing. A sample of Eleventh-grade students was purposefully selected from a secondary school in Irbid. The experimental group (n=25) was taught using a RAFT strategy whereas the control group (n= 25) was taught conventionally based on Teacher Book of Action Pack 11. For data collection, a creative writing pre/post- test was used. The findings reveal statistically significant differences in students’ means scores in the creative writing post test, in favor of the experimental group which may be attributed to RAFT strategy.


RAFT Strategy; Creative Writing; Jordanian EFL Students

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