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Annales UMCS sectio N Educatio Nova publishes research papers presenting findings that can be implemented at different educational levels. The journal brings together various strains of research from the humanities, including literary and linguistic studies, as well as social sciences, including pedagogy and psychology. The annual volumes of our journal cover multidisciplinary approaches to education. Each volume offers Polish and international scholars a forum for sharing ideas and facilitating professional cooperation. Contributions from scholars who begin their career in Academia are also encouraged.
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We invite Authors from various academic centres to submit their proposals to Vol. 7 of “Educatio Nova” which explores the theme of


"Social relations in education, culture, media, language, literature, society..."

Topics covered include the presentation of:

- verbal and non-verbal communication (proxemics, kinesics, chronemics, haptics, the role of eye contact, paralangue); types of interferences;

- non-verbal aspects of intercultural communication;

- role of media in communication with the disabled;

- media and the intercultural awareness of the young;

- TV, Internet, press ludic narratives;

- TV, Internet, press educational narratives;

- rhetoric in media;

- influence of media on teenagers’ reading experiences;

- role model, authority in communication;

- new forms of interpersonal communication – overview of literature;

- role of feelings and emotions in interpersonal relations;

- literary (film, media, art and others) presentations of interpersonal relations;

- interpersonal competence as an area of research and a subject of discussion;

- interpersonal relations in school and other spheres of social life;

- interpersonal relations in the digital world;

- influence of new (and other types) media on interpersonal relations;

- role of language and communication in establishing interpersonal relations;

- role of Polish language education in developing interpersonal competence.


The submission deadline is June 30, 2021.

Posted: 2020-11-02
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