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Annales UMCS sectio N Educatio Nova publishes research papers presenting findings that can be implemented at different educational levels. The journal brings together various strains of research from the humanities, including literary and linguistic studies, as well as social sciences, including pedagogy and psychology. The annual volumes of our journal cover multidisciplinary approaches to education. Each volume offers Polish and international scholars a forum for sharing ideas and facilitating professional cooperation. Contributions from scholars who begin their career in Academia are also encouraged.
 Punkty MNiSW 2019: 20
ISSN: 2451-0491
e-ISSN: 2543-9340
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Call for paper submission to the new issue


We would like to invite you to submit articles for the 6th issue of "Educatio Nova". The main topic of the issue is


We will welcome contributions from authors representing various scientific fields, because we want to provide a multi-faceted view of the problem.

Possible areas of investigation are:

  • childhood and youth as an object of interdisciplinary research
  • literary creations of children and teenagers in new books for young readers
  • young heroes of comics, films and computer games
  • young people as creators of online resources
  • children and young people in contemporary culture
  • role of new media in the education of children and youth
  • children and youth and the media – materials dedicated to the youngest (press, radio programs, television programs, blogs and internet portals, films, comics) and their impact on the development of their knowledge, skills and personality
  • developmental disorders in children and adolescents – causes, diagnosis, therapy
  • concepts supporting the development of children and youth in the 21st century
  • developmental needs of children and youth in the modern world
  • strategies supporting the development of students with special educational needs
  • modern educational theories on predispositions, needs and preferences of modern youth
  • school and education of the young generation in the 21st century
  • educational dilemmas of modern teenagers
  • "coercion and freedom" in the education of the young generation
  • cultural needs of modern youth in the light of school curricula
  • children’s and young people’s values
  • creativity of children and young people as a cultural phenomenon and its applications in the didactic process
  • conditions of a child’s creative abilities
  • between children’s imagination and children’s logic
  • children’s philosophizing
  • children’s understanding of the world
  • role of adults in the life of children and adolescents
  • communication of young and with young people in the educational space
  • communication skills of children and youth
  • the impact of new media on the language development of children and young people
  • youth slang in the 21st century. Essence and presence in communication and cultural texts
  • word formation, neologisms, phraseological units and comparative constructions in the language of children and adolescents
  • manifesting group membership in linguistic communication
  • verbal folklore of children and teenagers.

Articles should be sent by the end of July 2020.

Posted: 2020-05-12
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